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FAQs - Power Forex

How does it work?
You invest in one of our packages and you receive a percentage assigned to each package daily for the period described on the package's page. You also earn a referral commission whenever one of your referrals invests. You can also save money with us, and invest it later.
How do I join?
Either create a normal account, or get a referral link, or code, from the person who told you about us, then fill the form and register.
How to invest?
After you have created an account, you can invest through it by choosing one of our many packages, and make the investment using either mobile money or credit card.
In which period do I get my profits?
While the contract (investment) is running, you can only withdraw a maximum of 50% of the accumulated returns between the 30th and 60th day of the investment. The 100% of the returns on your investments can be withdrawn after 60 days, meaning after the contract has ended.
How and Where do I get referrals?
You get referrals from family and friends, or by posting about Powerforex International on social media platforms and requesting to your friends to signup using your referral link.
Is it only about investing?
You can also make a lot of money if you are interested in marketing our company to your friends and relatives.
How do I withdraw?
You can make withdrawals either through mobile money or bank transfer.
If I get a new member joining, how do I benefit?
You get a 10% commission each time one of your referrals invests.
Can I have more than one running investment?
Yes, but not through the same account, you will need to open a linked-account to run your other investment. You can have 2 (two) linked-accounts, for now.
Is it free to create an account?
For now, yes. As a promotion for early-birds, we are allowing you to create an account for free for now. After 3 months, we shall start requesting a very small fee to create an account. You will be notified on your email when the switch takes place. All accounts created before that date will stay active, and nothing will be required from them.
Can I cancel my investment before it ends?
Yes. But you cannot do it yourself on your dashboard. You need to contact us and we do it for you. Note: We reserve the right to keep 100% of your returns, on the investment being canceled, up to the time you make this cancelation request. We only refund you the original amount you invested, nothing else. Your earnings from previous investments, your savings, and referral earnings, if not yet withdrawn, are not impacted by this exchange.
Where do I get my referral code and link?
You can generate and copy your referral code and link from your profile page.
Can I change the currency to display on the platform?
Yes. By default, the platform using the United States Dollar (USD, $). If you want to view the platform in a different currency, you can change that from the settings page. Note: All conversions from USD to other currencies are made following our exchange at the moment. The exchange rate is also displayed on the Settings page.
Where do I get my transfer code?
You can generate or copy your transfer code from your profile page.
What is the maximum amount I can deposit at once?
You can deposit 1000$ for now at once either using mobile money or card. And in case you want to save more than 1000$, you first collect it under savings then after make investment with saved money as directed on our system.